Descent - The Shadow Rune

Castle Daerion

The Shadow Rune - Campaign Quest

On the advice of Baron Greigory, you have traveled down river in search of Sir Palamon — one of the Shadow Binders. As you approach Daerintown in the evening, you hear a strangled cry for help — the Overlord’s minions are already here! The town is under a stealthy assault; the castle must be next.

Your guide informs you that there are four beacons throughout the village, which may be lit to alert Castle Daerion to the danger. If you can light all four beacons, the Overlord’s nighttime raid will be foiled and the castle warned. Should the forces of the Overlord dispatch all the remaining villagers, however, they will surely march straight to the castle and you will be too late to stop them.

As the last beacon sputters to life, an answering light flares on the tall, dark walls of Castle Daerion. The blare of crude war-horns fills the air and the Overlord’s minions turn as one, abandoning the village to race toward the castle. You’d best follow after and ensure Sir Palamon survives the night!

When you reach Castle Daerion, you find the gates already torn asunder by a mighty Ettin. The castle’s guards struggled valiantly, but they were no match for the Overlord’s assault. “The Black Knight,” one gasps, lying at your feet. " Sir Alric is here!"

Within the keep, you hear the aged Sir Palamon rallying the defenders. With reinforcements cut off by your arrival and that of the Daerintown militia, the old knight has a chance—if you can buy him enough time.

Suddenly, there is a crash and a dozen armored soldiers burst into the keep, driving the Overlords forces back. “Thank you, heroes,” says Sir Palamon, leaning on his sword. “I fear that an evil I defeated long ago stirs once more. Dragonlord Gryworn must not be allowed to return!” The old man lifts his sword and sighs through his ash-gray mustache. “My sword was not equal to the task. Come, we must return to Arhynn, and the Barons.”


Stamina Potion, Treasure Chest

1 XP, 100 gold coins


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