Descent - The Shadow Rune

A Fat Goblin

The Shadow Rune - Campaign Quest

Reports of goblins besieging the farmlands north of Arhynn have brought you here, and judging by the smell of smoke in the air, none too soon! You ready your weapons and rush forward, only to be met by a blood-spattered man in rough, simple clothes.

“Goblins,” he shouts. “They’re stealin’ everything what isn’t nailed down an’ burnin’ what is! They’ve got my brother; they’ve got Frederick!”

You’d best save what crops you can, or Arhynn will have hungry winter. But what could be making the goblins so voracious?

The blood-spattered farmer staggers forward again. “Me brother,” he sobs. “They came for him, grabbed him an’ a bunch more besides. He weren’t always a farmer like me, m’lords. Frederick was a Shadow Binder, just like that poor sod got killed in ‘is caravan outside Arhynn last week. They was friends! Why is them goblins killin’ an’ stealin’ all me brother’s friends?”

Clearly, the Overlord is interested in this man. You’d best get lead him to safety.

The goblins were not hard to follow, and now you edge cautiously into a cave in the Caedwyn Wood. Ahead, you hear deep laughter and a croaking voice. “Bring me the prisoners. One of them is the Shadow Binder! So speaks Splig, King of All Goblins!"

You’d better hurry and take out Splig, whoever he is, before he figures out which of the farmers is Frederick!


The self-styled “king” hurls his prisoner to the ground. “Have him, then!” he bellows. “But you shall never defeat Splig, King of All Goblins!” Then, putting on a surprising turn of speed for a goblin of such impressive girth, Splig rushes out the door.

A big man with a scarred face and white in his hair steps forward to address you. “Thank you, heroes. Reminds me of meself at a younger age. Take me to the Barons… seems I’ve still got work to do.”


Curse Doll, Fire Flask, Power Potion, Secret Passage, Stamina Potion

1 XP, 75 gold coins


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