Leoric of the Book

Level 3 Necromancer


Level 1: Raise Dead
Level 2: Corpse Blast
Level 3: Vampiric Blood

Hands: Reaper’s Schyte, Ironbound Rune
Armor: Rune Plate
Other: Archaic Scroll


“If my years of study have taught me anything, it is that I am worthy of the knowledge I possess.”

After one too many heated arguments with the Provost, Professor Leoric of the University of Greyhaven was invited to go on an “extended sabbatical.” As an adventurer, Leoric’s constant references to his scholarly texts quickly earned him the sobriquet “of the Book.” Leoric’s sabbatical continues as the former professor applies his magical knowledge in the field and seeks out long-forgotten knowledge and wisdom.

Leoric of the Book

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