Level 4 Prophet


Level 1: Soothing Insight
Level 2: Forewarning
Level 3: Focused Insights
Level 4: All-Seeing

Hands: Iron Flail, Steel Broadsword, Shield of the Dark God
Armor: Leather Armor
Other: Sage’s Tome


“We are feared, we are despised, yet still I am called to help?”

Screams of terror are nothing unique for Ispher; they follow him to each new town and village. He has been mistaken for a bandit, a monster, and memorably, the incarnation of a spirit that ate disobedient children. Often attacked or turned away, only the wise find a brilliant but caustic healer. Ispher has saved those who would have been dead but an hour later. Used to cruelty and mistrust, Ispher has one goal: to endure.


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